Who We Are

Our Mission

Stories shape the world we inhabit. Always have, always will. It’s through an intricate network of journalists and publishers that bring the stories directly to the reader.
At Writers' Bloc, we're all about the power of storytelling and the essential role journalism plays in our world.
With the breadth and depth of stories out there, we make it easy for discovery, so the stories can come to life.
We believe in creating a supportive and connected space where freelance journalists and editors can connect.
What is our objective? By fostering a supportive, connected, and collaborative community for freelance journalists and editors, we aim to empower journalists & publishers to produce meaningful, credible, and engaging content that resonates with diverse audiences.
With a blend of integrity, adaptability, and shared passion, Writers’ Bloc is shaping the future of journalism—one story at a time.

As of April 2023:







Values at Writers’ Bloc



Journalism is based on trust



Story-telling requires collaboration & community



Admin should be in the background; leave the boring stuff to automation

What do we care about?

Building Connections

At the core, our business relies on people.

We cherish the bonds formed between journalists, editors, and experts, creating a welcoming community that encourages working together and learning from one another.


Support in Learning and Growth

We want to help journalists build their existing skillset and learn new skills on top.

We're passionate about helping journalists and editors break invisible barriers and succeed in their careers by providing the right tools, resources, and opportunities.


Honesty and Fairness

We stand for openness, fairness, and equitable treatment within the journalism world.

We are tackling the issue of on-time, in-full payments, building clear channels of communication, and fostering effective collaboration.

Embracing Change

We understand that journalism is always evolving, and we're committed to adapting our platform to better serve our users and keep up with the shifting landscape.

We embrace our robotic friends on this journey of discovery and improvement.

Writers’ Bloc helps journalists and publishers learn how to use automation tools to their advantage.


Trust and Responsibility

We believe in upholding the core values of journalism—maintaining integrity and credibility while fostering a community dedicated to ethical reporting and purposeful storytelling.


Simplicity is the Key

We believe in making things easy to understand, which is why Writers' Bloc is on a mission to make publishing a breeze with our user-friendly, intuitive platform. We empower journalists and publishers by streamlining the entire publishing process, so they can focus on what truly matters – connecting their stories with the right audience.

From story discovery, to commissions, to invoicing, payments and more, Writers’ Bloc is here to make your life easier.



March 2020

Idea formed during Covid pandemic

July 2020

Company founded officially
Idea development & market exploration
Launch of website

February 2022

Finding product-market fit

July 2022

Idea pivot

January 2023

Product development begins

April 2023

Website relaunch

June 2023 (expected)

Platform launch