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A Market
For Pitches

For Journalists

Easily market and distribute your story pitches to interested editors, increasing visibility and securing commissions.

For Editors

Easily browse general pitches or request specific ones tailored to your publication, streamlining the process of finding the perfect content.

Job Security

Build and foster professional relationships for the long-term.


Simplify Your
Admin Tasks

Commissions & Payments

Streamline commissions and payments for both journalists and editors, including integration with publications' accounts and payment teams.

Non-billable Work

Minimize non-billable work for journalists, such as self-promotion, audience discovery, and market research on commission rates.

Pitch Management

Publishers can automate & optimize the process of sorting and finding strong, relevant pitches, increasing productivity, content quality and audience engagement.


Foster Collaboration
& Community

Journalists & Editors

Enable journalists and editors to connect, exchange ideas, and collaborate on projects, fostering a supportive and creative environment.

Industry Experts & Academics

Integrate insights from industry experts, academics, and regional “fixers” to enhance storytelling and expand professional networks.

Built on Cooperation

Journalism has been through a lot in recent decades, so we are creating a collaborative environment, with journalists at the focal point.


A Marketplace Tailored for Independent Journalists

Discover a wide range of opportunities,
from story pitches to freelance gigs.

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